Friday, September 10, 2004

3 cities in a day

how often does it happen that u visit 3 big cities, for the first time in a day ??

well it does happen, for a lot of ppl. I just travelled, from bombay (first time) to paris (again first time) to nyc (again first time)... and for those of u who have read the Inscrutable Americans, I tell ya my response to the NYC was the same as poor Gopal ( jaw wide open :) ). I have been born and brought up in Delhi (regular city guy), but thanks to bollywood, was almost paranoidly afraid of Bombay ( nothing happened, touch wood... I have to go back the same way :) )

Can almost write a book abt the wonders of NYC, but more on it later..

Sujith & Brij both are keepin a low profile on the blogs.. guess u guys are busy.. and hope this is not contagious.