Monday, February 23, 2004

I would have liked to write about why I like the concept of chaos; but I guess, I guess its for my friend Sujith and his page that I also feel forced to write about my bike. Well I have a Yamaha, its a rat bike of sorts, my medium to go around the city, and yes I depend on her.

I wish I cld share the same passion about bikes that Sujith has, come to think of it I can hardly think of a reason why I shd be talking abt the same. Thats just another mechanical piece, that works, because it is supposed to work - thats the entire reason to its entity --- but then there is that thrill that goes when the wind blows thru the hair -- there is that rush when I am cruising, at untold speeds (see If i see the speedometer, who will see the road :) , and when ppl see me whiz by.

But yes its the ode to the engineers at Yamaha who have created the "perfect" piece of h/w.

its an ode to all you designers and the creative talent of humans at large.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

me back again

thank u thank u :)

No I am not well(again) and I am not in a very good mood (again) ; but the dairy wants u back.
I wonder why ppl write. is it a way to vent out frustration?? is it a way to let secrets out, let go of the tensions and apprehensions that no body will listen to without making an opinion about you.

I read my old diaries and I am faced with then "my" insecurities, many of which seem petty at this time, but were big enuf to drive me to the diary then.
but then so is life, new and old and they said -- the one who donot study history repeat it --- so all you wise kids learn from ur dad's mistake... that goes for me too..

so i'll leave u with this thot today.
more when I am better

get well soon to me.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Today (14thFeb) is the day they* call the day of love. Who is "they" ??
My best "intelligent" guess would be the Hallmark ppl. The rest if history.
How many of us would actually like symbolize this day as a day where we shd exchange gifts and all??
My girlfriend would give me looks if I dont get her a persent, and I guess she fears the same... and so hallmark sells; the beauty of this all is that both of us feel happy because we are not sad :)

sarcastic me.... :)

The good news is that the ppl at my office have finally shown us some sunlight(of hope) and we have now 2.66 GHz P4 boxes with half Gig RAM. I threw out the Windoze it came with. This machine is now working on the 2.6.0 Linux kernel with the pre-emptive option selected. All you geeks would be shouting 2.6.2 is out -- ya ya; i'll apply the patches.

This one is goooood.

in a better mood than I was yesterday,

*Doesnt it bother you when "they" start to run your life... Man it make me so angry

Friday, February 13, 2004

The diary does not want anything from you. It does not care if you are tall dark or pretty . All it cares is that you be able to visit it once a while.

Be it rain sunshine or hail, I will come.

Who am I? Now this is an interesting question, not only because this bring about what I want to be but also the fact that I am unique and an individual in every way.

I want to be a pseudo geek, hacker and a rockstar all rolled into one. I would be Linus Cobain if I had the choice.

but then I am neither Linus nor Cobain, I am me!!!

I think, therefore I am
more later.