Monday, May 31, 2004

Kerela trip and Phaedus

I was off on a road trip to Kerela, yes the God's own country.. (and not so without merit).

I wanted a weekend getaway, away from crowds, and noise or talk or music or anything that is human - be with myself. I cannot afford that (yet) but did manage to goto Kerela, in a small hilltown in the foothills of Nilgiris'. It was quiet (period).

You wont believe, after how long did I listen to crickets, or see fireflies, or just heard myself breathe. No cell phones. No computers. Just me and my friend. I was a guest at their home, for the nights.. the days, we just roamed around in the nearby getaways, away from the tourist circuits.

And here thoughts come to realization. Thoughts about the life, the way it is supposed to be and the direction(s) it is leading us to.

Humans by nature, are explorers. We are never content with what we have. We have to show our greatness, by putting things in order. Nature on the other end has entropy increasing. So right now, when we are sitting in the perfect cubes of houses and sell maintained lawns outside... great roads... fast cars... perfect lines.... we, humans, Nature's greatest creation, are against its very principle.. randomness... (and the irony does not stop here) we try to find perfect order in perfect randomness.

Kerela, is also a very tiny microcosm. Keralites are intelligent, hardworking ppl spread through out the world... and that brings in a lot of NRI money. Even in the smallest of towns, you would find Shopping Mall's and showrooms. Big Hoardings' are almost completely dominating the otherwise well maintained roads... I neednot remind you that Kerela has tropical climate, so it rains for 6 months a year.

The microcosm does not stop there. Nearly people from all religions live here. There are Muslims and Hindus and Christian, Jews and what not (hint.. N. Modi, stay away from this wonderland)... and guess what almost 99% of the junta is actually educated...

what really surprised me was that this place has been actually governed -- or almost misgoverned by the left (Communist Party) for the last so many years. Now thats something that does not actually fit in the picture very well...

However, coming back to the topic at hand; I was there for a weekend. I loved it. I am not too sure when it will be, but I am going back there. I am told that the tourist circuits are very expensive, so if you dont know Malayalam, be ready to shell out a lot of cash. As for me, I have Phaedus to guide me.

more on this later
end of part 1

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Worked Out

We had the Linux Expo at Infosys yesterday.... (InfyLug Expo) -- not surprisingly I was there, expo'ing the Kernel Korner...

I had a kgdb setup, a LTT demo and an SMP setup to expo.. kexec would have worked out but only with a little more effort.

Had to talk and stand the entire day (Ladies' at the Auto Expo in Delhi; I truly understand how difficult your job really is).

and man there are all kind of ppl in the World.. some of them, just interested in the buzz world -- u give them high performance computing (clusters) or something like a remote development and debugging envoirnment (kgdb); they are like gala on that -- not knowing or understanding the complexity or simplicity with that...

The classical vs the romantic divide. (from the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance).

The strange part was while I was answering a lot of really obvious questions.. I was not really angry.

more later.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I was at office over the weekend.. breaking my head to configure the kgdb ( kernel debugger for Linux ).
It took me 2 days but when it finally worked, I touched the roof....

it is not a very difficult thing to do, but with limited documentation and a lot of unresolved symbols ( why ??? I dont know... My best guess is that these are gcc version problems ), I had to dig into the the k.code and fix it.

Then there was a drama with the crossover null modem cable...

finally the setup works :) I can debug the kernel from a remote machine..... on the test machine... Damn I need a SBC at home.. and then the possiblilites would be truly endless................

It is after such a long time that i felt when this worked... The 8th spirit is not yet dead...

hope lives on.


Friday, May 14, 2004

physced out

I was talking to my roomate the other day.
> we were talking as how the negative thoughts about ourselves could effect the way we think.

I got one of the famous fortune cookies (UNIX) "whatever you do, you'll be sorry"....

but the fact of the matter is that all of us believe in this..... :)

The irony of the life does not end here; if we believe in this ... our descisions are very mis-judged

so we were just talking and he told me about his friend who had strongly reprimanded him, because my roomate was using and blaming kismet too much.

but what I am physced out is the fear that I might start to believe that I am not good enough.

I need a beer....

off late, i've been on the Linux Networking stack... Sujith watch out for the questions....


Monday, May 10, 2004

coming back to life :)

Had a blast this weekend...

over the last week, Bangalore has been blessed with showers and in the middle of summer, the temperature has been behaving ( below 20 ) for the best part of the day. Lord Indra has also been smiling, so there was hardly any sun....

The weekend, was just another co-incidence. It was the perfect time for a really long drive ( yes on my yam ).

I went to one of my mom's cousin's place. She had been pestering me to come over for a long time... but she was too far off(~35 km one side) and I was lazy.

I had gone to one of my friends place, and from there, I went ahead to my maasi's place.

Now I had never seen her before... She is living in the Air Force Base, with her husband and kids. btw, I dint know abt the kids too.

But reaching there, I had a blast... I made soap bubbles with the kids... we drew cartoons... I had forgotten how much fun it is to make soap bubbles... if this was not enuf; there was great food on top of it.

Sunday, was another welcome day.. with half a day of riding around in the town....

What a weekend.. :)

its like coming back to life....


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

How "personal" is your job

Was reading Joel on Software and came across the brilliant line from Erin Brockovich (starring Julia Roberts)

"That is my work! my sweat! my time away from my kids! If that's not personal, I don't know what is!"

Damn, I go home to sleep. I live at my office... and thats just not me... but most of us in the software (Engineering) business.

Strongly recommend anyone(and everyone) in software to go and read Joel's articles...


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Success and Perception

Just read the brilliant poem on Success and Perception at Brij's blog.

well done dude....