Monday, June 28, 2004

gmail rocks

finally !!! there is this email account that has all I need.
The address completion, search, keyboard shortcuts, label search... gmail "beta" absolutely rocks...

tell me, why does all other email accounts have to load up a new form, when it can be a part of the existing "html" page... tell you what google guys are the first of the kind computer scientists.. who are looking at performance and not "jazzy" looks.

google .. well done, would you recruit me ??? :)


Monday, June 21, 2004


Saw Laskshya on Sunday.. nice movie - good music, Hrithik is a great dancer...
"Agar mein kahon" has a nice base riff

Amitabh Bachan could have demanded a better role.. this movie was tailor made for the Hero himself .. but Farhan Akhtar has done a reasonable job.. not so mushy, and funny... But Dil Chahata Hai was a whole differant story.

Guess I could identify with the confused part of the Hritik' pre-college days.. Damn it is good to be rich... that way u dont have to worry abt so many things, for so many years.

The good part of the movie was resemblance with the real life.. like the fact that Priety plays a Journalist with her name "Romilla Dutta", the name and hairsytle uncannily similar to Barkha Dutt... remember she was at Kargil. Hrithik plays Capt Shergill who has to capture peak 5179.

and yes I plan ask my cousin( in Army), posted in Jammu, if he can accomodate a holiday for me and my Canon EOS SLR.

still as confused as ever.. the Z&AMM is still on.. i dint get time to read it for so long..


Monday, June 14, 2004

The Lord of the Lords

Yes I am talking about the Lord Vishnu aka Balaji aka Tirupati, the creator of the Universe, The Lord of all Gods

I went to the Tirupati temple over the weekend, half hoping to get the darshan... I guess the Lord was just testing my faith.. and I failed :(

Religion can be such strength or such weekeness.

It was as if the entire ocean of humanity was ready to go through the claustrophobic chambers to get to the Lord (a 8 second darshan) .. which requires a 48 hour wait and 4 hour in one of the most tightly packed places on earth.

Anyway, I came back early.. i just was not ready for that kind of a test... may be some time in the future.. not now.

Wrote some gcc startup scripts to cut down the size of the executable be half (atleast the hello world program) .. as for the rest, bad bad weekend.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

That Thing You Do!!

Yes, I am talking about the classic song by The Wonders -- The single which is still the fastest rising single in the Bilboard history.

The small-town band making it heights that they hadn't even dreamt of... and ofcourse the song itself was a classical happy rock. I guess this can be a new genre -- happy rock :)

I remember seeing the movie and I was just mesmerised by the same -- it can be called a classic music band theme.. but Tom Hanks in his directorial debut -- and what can you expect!!!

Any one who wants to see a happy movie, with great music - this is a must watch

And much deserved accolades to Kitty's poems . Good Work there!!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

sunday @ work

its not as sad as it sounds....

song of the day: : She was just seventeen (Beatles)

am back at linux kernel.

had to get my bike serviced.. (the whole day yesterday was with the mechanic.. the chain lubrication's yet to be done.. may be next week). The Z&AMM is catching on.

The bike has complicated mechanics... damn the timing is immaculate

Friday even. was just too good -- heard or rather jammed with Venky Ajit and Sujith.
Sujith, dude, you can sing alright ( get ready for more respect coming your way :) ). We "tried" singing Doors, Deep Purple, The wonders, ... and lot others...


Friday, June 04, 2004

new look

inspired by alanis...
song of the day : I feel fine "Beatles (1964)".
The intro to this song is just too much (okay I play a little bit of guitars).

Intro: 0:05-0:15

still reading the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance... deliberately reading slow.. to digest what Phaedus has to say.

Best of luck with the new comp. Sujith.

ps: and yes yipeee the weekend is here :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Did I get it ??

I was reading thru Alanis' Blog and I was amazed at the number of hits she gets... I think this has partly to do with the romantic illustration where there is "her" as the this pointer to the events around her....

May be that makes more ppl relate to her...

But the quality of her blogs cannot be denied either... good work gal.. a little too mushy for my taste; but good work nonetheless.

if any of the readers have comments abt the way I write or any ideas ... do feel free to use the comments section :)

and I am not going any mushy to get hits; period.