Monday, July 26, 2004

dance on the rock

I went rock climbing yesterday... its was with a group of friends... I was a first timer but there was ultra fit, ultra modest junta over there who would just "dance on the rocks"...

tell you what, i was not prepared... physically, mentally.. but managed the nursery climbs (which i am happy about) but there were these modestly built creatures who clung on to the rocks like they were the next logical extenstions to the same...

when you are on the rock (even the nursery ones) there is this rythm.. this pulse that goes thru the entire body.. it is as if the whole earth is bonded to your limbs.. there is an increased sense of being alive...

the little things.. like small flowers, tiny ferns or even blood sucking insects.. they become so much prominent... very unlike a mundane urban day..

i am not too sure, how good will i be at it.. but one thing i do know is that i liked being there yesterday and would like to repeat it...

the next time i will take my slr along...


Monday, July 12, 2004

back from home

Well what happens if you have 6 days at home after 8 months of work, and you spend most of these 6 days not doing what you planned all along.. plus the stress associated with the fast receding time...

u waste most of it (the time) fighting the unmovable force that is taking the time away from you, slipping away like the fistful of sand..

the trip was a disaster.. I faught with myself, behaved like a 6 year old.. who would try to be big.. They say when you are home, you are emotionally secured and so the masks that you use with the world outside are not as apparent.

may be I have lived away from home for so long that I have to mature my "unmasked self".

any way, I dont like my unmasked self -- and you cannot lie to yourself.

completed the Z&AMM. Beautiful. Need to read it again to understand the persuation to read/write such stuff.

more later,

Thursday, July 01, 2004

going home tomorrow

I will be starting for home tomorrow.. after 8 months, it is time again for being the mama's boy and getting pampered with all the goodies and parathas ... man I can taste them..

time to take a few dvds and a good music... and some decent books... and rest.

yipeeeeeeeeeeeee :)