Thursday, October 28, 2004

Its now official

Its Now official, I know nothing about shopping. I dont know, but I think most men feel the same way - helpless; when it comes to "complicated" affairs like shopping. It gets worse, if you need to buy for someone else. The only "silver lining" is when I need to buy electronics; I may not need advise.

My mantra (or call it a classic excuse) is: shopping is evil; spending is evil... Dont follow this guys, or the worlds economy will come to a depression; but then we have women, dont we.... so is it that, women drive the world economy??[BIG QUESTION]

I just had to buy a present for a little girl who has her birthday, over the weekend, and four of us(incidently guys) are brainstorming over what to gift her. The best possible solution(and the only one too), we come to gift her a doll. That is miserable, compared to the list of options, I got when I asked another friend who is a girl.... Man are we pathetic or what??

Is it that this is a part of the X chromosome that we are so deprived off.. or is it just ignorance.. I dont know... shopping is still evil for now. :)

more on the gender wars later

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Man, I never thought it would come out to this.. its tuesday, and I am already waiting for the weekend.

Last weekend, I was a home.. a cold new england weekend - what could you expect. I had dinner at a friends place...; and listened to some korn stuff. So this is what happened over the last few weeks:

* While the fall lasted, we cruised and covered most of new england.
* I have driven so much on the "right" side of the road, I dont know how confused will I be back home :)
* I just cant get enough sleep. (not that i am not sleeping enough.. but i am lethargic through out the day)
* I am still talking to that intelligent person in Pune.
* I need to "start" exercising "again", its too cold to run in the open.
* Am looking for a makeover; something that will change the way I think. May be I should read the "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance" again.


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Boston Pics

Boston Downtown:

Boston Downtown:

John Harvard:

Boston Downtown Skyline:

yup I got it :)


Friday, October 22, 2004

Red Sox Win !!!

Na, dont take me for a baseball fan... I am not... but what amazes me is how sports becomes a religion.... Differant sports, differant cultures ; same fanatacism.

Red Sox had a "curse" after they traded Ruth to the NY Yankees. This year was the redemption of the curse, and NY licence plate cars were burnt in seperate incidents in Boston .... reminds me of Eden Garden when there is a India Vs Pakistan match...

What I dont understand is that if we so same, why the differance in the first place... say a Yankee fan would be feeling as proud, if the NYY were winning - but what is it that makes us blood pump; by seeing the other party defeated.. May be the monkey genes are not dead as yet :)

I went to Boston last weekend, and that place was pretty... like living history. Is there a way to have a photo blog -- I went through Nat's blog ( and man that guy travels... Anyway, is it possible to have a photo blog like NAT ... answer's invited to my email (see profile) or just put it in the comments section.

more later

Friday, October 08, 2004

total redemption

Some days, I need to drive some 40 miles to office. I dont really complain about it -- I have a Chevvy Malibu and its a beautiful car.... :)

Day before yesterday, there was a lot of fog when we started, visibility being hardly 100 yards.. but as we came on the freeway, the sun started to come through. In a pure moment of bliss the mist lifted across the red "october" earth. I can hardly describe the moment -- imagine yourself at 75 mph; fall colored countryside passing your window - and there it is the mist rising as the the Sun "shines through on the wet highway. I "was" a believer all over again :) .

Been a little tied up off late - but these were the happenings....
* I have been talking to this great person in Pune, but I have been such a bore. (God give me some of sense of humor.. or just restore some of which I had :) )
* vikas also joined the bloggers lounge ( welcome dude :)
* I was going through Prabhu's website -- and it is out of the world.. Gooood Work there.
If you permit I will post the link here.
* I bought myself a long time dream (a colgate motion toothbrush). Is it not strange how we make ourselves long for small things.
* I tried cooking black chole yesterday. Am not quite at Ma's level; but am getting there :)
* I should be back in India by January. You wont believe it, but I am looking forward to it. That means a lot of things will come to initiate.
* and yes, I met up with 2 ppl here, who have the same technical bent of mind. There is one in India.. All of us can write an operating system, if we try ..., if we just try. ("Self dabba") :)
* Jamshy bought a new canon rebel digital -- yes its EOS 300D - and he has started with concept pictures.
* Am reading "The Monk who sold His Ferrari" amongst many things. That guy writes sense. I get the most perfect defination of Luck. Its a marriage between opportunity and prepration. Makes sense huh!!! So you think it is air that you are breathing now ?

Sometimes we underestimate the potential of our ideas. One such thing was @ infy, when we had thought having internet news groups (comp.os) mirrored at a local news server. Natty, Vikas, Prabhu, believe me it takes you to a differant plane when you read that. Try for that, or you could do that home ..

this has been a long one.