Tuesday, November 30, 2004

black friday

The day after thanksgiving is called black friday, and not without a reason. The black friday is a sale - stores offer massive discounts, crowds line up to take the loot.

This black friday, we reached the store at 5:30 hoping that there will be 50 - 100 ppl in front of us. When I reached there, there were a 800 strong crowd who were patiently waiting to start shopping - men women and children, all waiting for the phenomenon - "the store gates to open". What was more suprising than the strength of the crowd was the fact that the crowd was well behaved... no pushing, etc. etc.. that we get to see so often at home.

Anyway, I was poorer by about 600 dollars (alas) .. by the end of the day, and the rampage had left me with no doubts about human psycology when it comes to sales -- "grab 'em cheap" :)

Ram gave me the long sought after link for Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance. This is a bible, I indend to visit every few months. And if you have not read this book, pick it up, its an eyeopener, if it does not change your life.

Am going thru the sicp videos - part 2b. This is also very inspirational. The fundamental idea is that of "wishful thinking". Professor Sussman threw out the idea of design first and implement later... he was more like, defer dependency till it can be deffered, but be aware that procastination is evil.

It seems that there is so much to do but hardly enough time for all this. Damn !!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

life @ 100mph

Yesterday, i touched 100 mph on the Toyota Camry LE, that I am driving these days. 100mph -- 160 km/h; wow that was thrill.

I was coming home from dropping a town 30 miles north, and the road was empty, it was like 3 miles of nothing-ness right in the middle of nowhere. Well, I stepped on it, and the Toyota responded -- beautifully, if I may add ... climbing upto 5500 rpm, as the speedometer climed, both me and my partner pushed into the bucket seats...

was it dangerous..; well it was worth the thrill :)
would I do it again; probably not on a 65mph highway :)

I listened to the full song.. Lady by Lenny Kravitz. Its avl on Lenny's official website. Click here to listen to the same(windows media player version :( ). The song was featured in the GAP ad, which had Sarah Jessica Parker (yes from the Sex and City fame) and Lenny himself on his classic guitar. What can I say abt the song .. this is Lenny.

Hurray, the long weekend starts tomorrow. 4 days of thanks giving :) .. literally !!

me jumping around :)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Great title aint it, TBD (To Be Done).. I love the art of procastination.. :) Sujith - kudos to you :)

Anyway, Vikas inspired me to change the famous 3 letters (TBD), to a lesser known 3 letters DIY (Do It Yourself) :). Either way, the bottomline is that this list is growing.

The good news is the demon called the Linux kernel is finally coming under control, and I am getting the "hollistic" picture of the entire thing. Vikas, Basa, u guys be prepared for the series of sessions that we'll have, once i am back. I am beginning to understand, what Karthick said in his notes :)

The bad news is that I am not understanding why I have so many problems with ppl. I need to learn self management skills - to deal with some of the category. esp. the classic underperformers with a superiority complex that breaks thru the roof... somebody shd be telling them that they are mere mortals. Any suggestions are welcome -- including the more physical ones :)

anyway, this is the second post in a week, so it has to short and sweet.

Monday, November 15, 2004

cold cold snow

Friday evening (yes diwali day), we had our first snow - and it was bad, 4 inches of it.

Cars covered up, trees stripped bare of what was left of the fall. Saturday morning was a bright sunny day, sun shining down on the white snow.. it was bloody great.

This gentle leaf was there on the patio, as if a cradle for the virgin snow. Could not resist taking this snap, using V's Olympus.

Any way, Saturday and Sunday were "cold" reminders of the days to come.

During the weekend, I went thru some more of the Linux MM code and SICP video lectures part 1b. If programming excites you -- you got-to go thru these... If they can compare recursion to bureaucracy... :) God bless the MIT.

more later

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The metaphysics of belief

Doesnt it bother you that, we are who we believe we are!!

Now this is strange... but this is how it works for me. Nothing really comes easy to me. I have to work hard, really hard before things come to me. And it is not an overnight effort -- it is more like, I work at this subject like a newbie for a very long time, and then suddenly one day; boom !! I know it.

For the longest time, I attributed this to inertia. The property of any body to need some energy before it comes to life.. we see it every day, the 0.7 volt on a silicon transistor, or the flaming point of objects, or the little extra acclerator that u need to push, before the car rolls on... This analogy can be attributed to learning.. u know u work hard, and only after some linear growth, there is exponential growth.

But, is it true??

It could also be that we just need time to believe in ourselves that we know. If we believe in the fact that we know... than we know(or atleast the mind thinks so), and the other factors like confidence etc.. just roll in.

Now they say that, while the wise know that, they dont know it all; the fools live in the sunshine of not knowing that, they dont know it all....

Coming back to the original subject, if knowing is believing - was gravity created by Newton. We know it always did exist but did Sir Issac Newton, tie down each one of us to Earth? So the bigger question is that is Science really restricting us -- rather than letting is goto untold heights.

More importantly, is immortality just short of an imagination. We know that placebo's work. I had a great grandmother, who lived up to 106. She was smoking unfiltered cigarette all her life; guess no one bothered to tell her that smoking is injurious to health. For her last few years, she had asked my GrandPa to get her some medicine, for fatigue... They gave her empty capsules. It worked!!!!

The body responds to what the mind thinks!!!

So if I believe; and I mean I believe it inside me, that I know something -- and I have been working towards it... dont I just simulate the "inertia" ...

But why is it that for some ppl, things come very easy... the IQ factor -- what is the IQ factor.. has it got to do with the self-belief coming easier??

could it be that the entire philosophy of "knowing", be around this milestone called the belief cornerstone ?

believe it to find out.

thats me!!

Monday, November 01, 2004


Jamsheed took an excellant photo that describes Haloween. He calls this ghost trail:

Ghost Trail

With the 8 second exposure on his new Canon EOS 300D; this gives him the worth of the camera.

Seriously .. this was a differant weekend; my first haloween here in the western world. The good part was the little angels, the kids, in all those costumes and face colors -- they looked incredible.

I spent some time on linux MM and finally an image is beginning to emerge from the shadows. I still find it cryptic, but there is a block structure which is coming out, like a 10,000 miles top level view.

It was my managers daughters birthday on saturday.. so good food :) and sunday was a a lazy day -- good warm, sunny lazy day :) (man i miss home)

over-all a great weekend.