Thursday, May 26, 2005

long long time ... and no see

There has been so much thats' happening/happened over the past 8 weeks... that I can only describe it as "perfect chaos". Actually there cannot be anything that can be perfect ... not even chaos .. but the events .. all in real good sense .. have changed my life.

I am engaged - to a wonderful person. We have decided to spend our lives together.

I will be moving out of current job real soon - and uncertainity, with loads of cash ;), awaits

I have been growing with leaps and bounds technically ... it happens with me a lot... i work on something ... for a real long time nothing moves ... and then suddenly a lightning .. a flash .. and bingo .. the inertia works.

Jamshy is back .. with a +R -R DVD writer. . and i am getting an AMD machine to hack.

I am slowly recovering out of a bad phase of health .. and shd be joining the gym .. getting back to more physical outings...

I just completed 2 wonderful books ... Many Masters, Many Lives... try it out, if death scares you.
The second one is a very light read, called five point someone. This is a class apart .. and my bet is that, if you got a chance to stay in a boys hostel, you would recognize the events with your life -- scary thoughts.

I am back at my annual pilgrimage with the bible -- the zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance.

The shopping list is growing:

AMD machine,
beanbag for reading ;)

I will try to be regular. ..