Thursday, January 20, 2005

long time no see

well yes... its been 3 yeeks since I last blogged...and well this is un-natural.

things happened over the past 3 weeks.. which took time <- aint this a classic excuse.... :)

but here is what had happened.

* I went to coorg last weekend. It was awesome. The place was awesome, and while my stomach was full, I was at the edge of whatever little sense of humor that I have :) . You see, I have recently discovered that my sense of humor (SOH) is related to my stomach. The SOH is as alive, as my stomach is full. I guess the ppl who laugh a lot have a goood round tummy. So this is the latest in "growing mota" gyan's that I have... eat more->laugh more->get mota :) .


Spider in the nest

* I am reading "My experiments with truth, autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi". For once, he is a great man -- not because of what he did... but because he knew himself. Life is all about knowing thyself, and playing to your strengths.

* Back in India, I have "finally" stopped cringing in the seat of the car, while the driver does some attitude driving. It might sound very "posh" to sound american, but it actually happens.

* I have restarted taking tea.... once a day - thats what I will try and reserve it to that.

* My sis got a job. She may be moving to bangalore.. once she does, I will have to find an apartment for both of us. More responsibility coming my way... I promised myself, I will take life one day at a time.

* yes I picked up digital fortress by dan brown (this is a quick detour. Gandhi, inspired me enough to pick up Gita next). I his booing abt crytography .. all a complete set of BS. I now wonder how much of "truth" is in the Da Vinci code.

* I'll be regular here.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

home sweet home

I got an upgrade to a Business class, courtesy Air France, and man it is GOOOOD !!
Paris airport was horrible - i have never seen so many europeans together.

The best was however, at mumbai; courtesy Air India (aka Air Delay, or Delay India). My flight was supposed to take off at 3:40 am. We finally started at 11:40 - just a 8 hour delay: but after a marathon run from boston to bombay - I finally managed to reach home.

After 7 relishing days at home, its back to the work space. The days at home pass real soon - on the treadmill the time seems to stop -- i am a believer in the relativity of time :)

The trip home was full of planned surprises. I survived as a free radical; frantically preserving my bachelor-hood. :) (the details of this gory matter is a differant story).

Hard as I might have tried, I was not able to stay awake post 10:30pm in Delhi. The jet lag continues as a good habit to wake up real early. I plan to start running in the mornings - as soon as I get settled in here.

The good news is that BITS allows me to take 4 courses this time around. So, may be, I can get the credits over by the end of this year. This might help me get over the lost 6 months - but crossed fingers there.

I met Vikas & Mukta yesterday... it feels real good to meet up with old pals.