Wednesday, June 22, 2005

last of days at bangalore

so the days are coming to an end.

I am moving to Pune -- yet another IT destination in india ...

good luck to me :)

But, if I recollect -- there are too many fond memories in the last 5 years, i've been in bangalore -- its like eternity

* i remember the how the infosys bus could take u on the BTM 9th main road in 11 mins from EC. .. (back in 2000)
* i remember the dirt biking when it came to the silk board flyover..
* i remember the days with dudes !!!
* last days @ infy, hp -- and such a lot of amazing ppl, who continue to amaze me with their talent, energy and intellect

its gonna be like going to the new world -- lets hope it turns out to be good -- I am both excited and scared abt the unknown --- but hope lives on, the eighth spirit is alive.

Bangalore has given me so much - a confidence in myself -- a good career -- lots of great friends and tons of good memories.

be in touch guys - the id is