Tuesday, February 07, 2006

rang de basanti

Intresting concept, past and the present. After all they say that history repeats itself.

DISCLAIMER -- dont read, if you dont care to know what happens.

Aamir, and the gang of boys, play college students - and have enviable energy and (whisper) money.

The concept of a narrative, who is the grand daughter of the very jailor who hanged bhagat singh makes it a very intersting plot.

Comes in a MiG 21 crash, an idiot of a politician, who is assassinated by these young chaps; and delivered to matyrdom.

The sweet revenge comes in the form of a radio transmitted apology... but guys, did anyone tell you that you are in a country where, non-voilence is the key ... and big bangs are never welcome.

The second half of the movie could have been better.

In all this was a movie with great potential, an excellant sound track, a movie to be seen, but this is not something that would be collected.



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