Thursday, July 13, 2006

blast indeed

My friends are really angry over the executors of the explosions on 7/11


Impotent Rapists

A long time ago, I read it somewhere: "Terrorists are not born, they are created".

How can a human have it lives of millions on his/her concience; unless ofcourse, they are convinced that it is evil. Who amongst us has not killed a bug; or a swatted a fly, because we know that they are bad.

It could be revenge, but that also does not cause a mass killing.

This is not as simple. The executors are blind people; may be even very sick blind people. But they are not as vile as the people who lead them to do such atrocious acts.

If we put ourselves to their situation, we may be even worst; What did Zidane do, in front of the whole world, when he was verbally assaulted.

What happened was very sad. but the problem does not end; by catching a few executors. What we need is to find the real "terrorists". People who may have never lifted a gun, but have killed millions.

We cannot kill these "terrorists" either, as there is a queue in waiting. Someone would replace the one, if they are killed. We need reform. That can only happen, by passive resistance. By love and care. If they are convinced, that killing doesnot help, then and only then would it change.

The change has to come from within. I am not too sure, I am ready for it. But I do think that it is high time now.

may be it is very easy to give gyan; and very difficult to act on it.



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