Monday, July 03, 2006

Some fun work

I have a long list of todo's: one of them was listed here

Well the idea was pretty simple, just to hook up the RF controller of one the ubiquous RF controlled toys to the parallel port; and use software to run the same.

I did the same - had a latch ( an optocoupler to isolate the parallel port) and passed the same to an AND gate. This was it - the and gate drives the "switches" of the r/f controller; which "drives" the car.

The OS is Linux ofcourse - I used simple outb on 0x378 (o/p port of the parallel port) .. it requires the sudo mode - so what - this is not a POC for some manager - it is fun; in its native RAW form. Will copy the photos soon.

Happy over small things.



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sahi be!

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