Saturday, February 25, 2006

good ol' days

I was chatting to one of my college pals yesterday, and then it struck me .. its been so blooody long. We have come so far off in our quests and fantasys. .. that the objects in the rear view mirror are "well" invisible.

Wont it be nice to have a get together ...

I am not too sure, if we could ever over come the instinctive comparisons of each other salaries ... and it would take a giant syncronisation lock to actually have every one or almost every one there .. now that most of the folks have wives and husbands and (kids) :)

i guess we are better off this way .. in our individual quests .. kings of our lives ..

those were good days ... (sigh)


Thursday, February 23, 2006


Now you can have ur own google pages :)

yes this is the big big blow to yahoo's geocities.

Compose/Create Post using google page generator ... check out

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

rang de basanti

Intresting concept, past and the present. After all they say that history repeats itself.

DISCLAIMER -- dont read, if you dont care to know what happens.

Aamir, and the gang of boys, play college students - and have enviable energy and (whisper) money.

The concept of a narrative, who is the grand daughter of the very jailor who hanged bhagat singh makes it a very intersting plot.

Comes in a MiG 21 crash, an idiot of a politician, who is assassinated by these young chaps; and delivered to matyrdom.

The sweet revenge comes in the form of a radio transmitted apology... but guys, did anyone tell you that you are in a country where, non-voilence is the key ... and big bangs are never welcome.

The second half of the movie could have been better.

In all this was a movie with great potential, an excellant sound track, a movie to be seen, but this is not something that would be collected.