Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Its all in the head

I am just trying to comprehend the power of the powerbox that all of us carry, and it just blows me over .. I mean, just feel the power, we are what we think we are.

Most often than not, we come across idiots who hold themselves in great esteems, and are going places.

And we come across, the sorry, self pitied losers who would wail and cry.

So should every one hold himself/herself, in big esteem, even while they "know" that they are not that good -- I guess this is the point. If you know then you are not holding yourself high enough. Education has been called mass hypnosis before - here we come to more rhetoric knowledge being a wakener from self hypnosis.

The irony of the whole matter is that we decide, where we will be, and yet we ourselves pull us down, its like balancing forces all over again (yin and yang)...

try this, one sunday, think you are feverish - by afternoon, u wld feel lousy.

and then that u are perfectly alright (knowing that u had brought this on you) .. and it goes away.

if our immunity level is in our control .. then what is not ... may be we know too much.


Friday, May 19, 2006

amaroK media player

Check out this new media player ... I know all you geeks would say, that I have mplayer.. why do i need another thing ... but read on.

amaroK is a mp3 player. You can make a collection of your music, create playlists etc ... and it would download and cache the lyrics, covers and band info for you; and all from the id3 tags in your music files.

if that is not enough, it would also create a database, which means searching is very easy.

try that out; its worth the effort.

and yes, compile the latest edition .. its called fast-forward ;)